Arabesque No.1 for Abi

A while back my student Abi wanted to learn Arabesque No.1 by Debussy. Inwardly I groaned at the thought of the work, but once I started I just loved it.

I’ve been waiting to play it well enough to video. Hey, I’m not a perfectionist – if I waited until it was perfect, this would never happen. I’m about taking the opportunity to do happy things.

I’m playing this at about 80% the speed it’s supposed to be played. It’s still beautiful, and definitely makes me happy.

What’s next? I think it will be anime music. Students are learning ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’, and ‘Bluebird’ (Naruto Shippuden) so I’m learning both. ‘Bluebird’ is easier, both are great songs. Elsewhere a couple of kids are learning ‘Megalovania’ which is a crazy piece! My students keep me on my toes for sure. 😊