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Our Short Film JACKS Screens at KKIFF!

, Our Short Film JACKS Screens at KKIFF!

JOEL STEPHEN FLEMING’S crime comedy short film ‘JACKS’ screened at the Kota Kinabalu International film Festival, and I was “repping” — as Joel says — for our film! Yikes! I didn’t want to let him down!

So how did it go?

It was a blaaast!

Here’s Ronald Ng, very funny emcee and well-known Sabah Tourism personality, with Yap and Festival Director Jude Day. Expressive and warm, Jude is the bee’s knees, I’ve decided.

L to R: Ronald, Yap, Jude and me 📷 Chris Pereira, KKIFF

“Uncle Barrie,” Datuk Ibrahim Laiman Diki, of Mega Boogie Sound and Lighting, came with his son Lazman, and it was so good to see him after so many years! I’ve written quite a bit about Mega Boogie in my previous blog, SabahSongs.

‘Uncle” Barrie Ibrahim Laiman Diki 📷 Chris Pereira, KKIFF

Yaaa! Brothers Amos and Emmanuel ‘Nuk’ Chee are here! I wrote about my first thrash metal gigs at their Shockwave Entertainment events! It was the first time I wore ear plugs to listen to music. Ooh, I must have been all of 47 😬. Now here they are to see me be a badass in Jacks! Awesome!

Metalheads Amos and ‘Nuk’ Chee 📷 Chris Pereira, KKIFF

Almost time to go in! Let me find our tickets.

Let’s sort out some tix 📷 Chris Pereira, KKIFF

Nice to see Chris Pereira — the official photographer for KKIFF — actually in a picture! Thanks for this, Allen! Sitting next to me is composer ChieTsang Lee. I’m just about to elbow him in the ribs. Wake up ChieTsang! Or you’ll miss me!

It’s Chris! 📷 Allen Lin

Actually, it was pretty hard to miss me. You could hear a pin drop. What was I going to do next? 😬

It is weird to see your face so BIG… 📷 Chris Pereira, KKIFF

Afterwards it was on to the Q&A, but I can’t tell you what was asked me, in case it’s a spoiler. Instead, here’s a teeny bit from the Director’s Statement.

JACKS is a political satire taking aim at communication failure within government, and a parody on clichés we so often see in action/crime films. The film takes viewers on a journey of familiar and humorous tropes, but gives them a new twist.

From the DIRECTOR’S STATEMENT by Joel Stephen Fleming
Getting a grilling from the audience! 📷 Chris Pereira, KKIFF
I think I answered her question… 📷 Chris Pereira, KKIFF

On the way out Melissa Leong said hello, she had brought some of the youths from her NGO. Melissa’s husband is graphic artist, caricaturist and guitarist in Chinese hard rock band 4AG (For Aggressive Gentlemen) Lim Sheng Haw. Love 4AG! What a nice surprise!

Hey there Melissa! 📷 Chris Pereira, KKIFF
Heroes! It’s the KKIFF crew, plus Jude’s hubby 📷 Chris Pereira, KKIFF

Here are the guys that hold it all together. The KKIFF crew from L to R: Jasmine Rajah, Rendall Ian Thaddeus, Tommy Fahir and Griffin (supporter!)

Last but not least are these guys who spoil me rotten. I’m just the luckiest crime boss momma that ever lived. Yap and Allen, you’re the best. Thank you ❤️🤗

Yap and Allen 📷 Chris Pereira, KKIFF

What a night for JACKS and for me! Here are some posts about the writer and director, producer, set designer and the actors in JACKS, our short film.

In this post All About the Team, Producer Derek Griffiths breaks down how JACKS was made and lists the different steps in post-production. It’s a very useful post if you are new to making films.

So Joel, where are we going next?

‘JACKS’ trailer

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