Roaring Lion ‘Legend’ album rehearsal

Roaring Lion will be performing most of the songs from the Bob Marley ‘Legend’ album for a gig September 17 2022, at an event launching a new EP by Bradamon.

With a 40-minute slot, it means shaping those songs and learning smooth, non-stop transitions between each song.

Hmm. How we gonna mash up these songs?

I won’t be with them this time because I’ll be in Sabah for a film festival. More about that later. So in this rehearsal, Sam (keys) and Vince (vocalist and also multi-instrumentalist) will be covering my creative keys. Vince has to sing and play my parts. I don’t think he’s happy 🤣.

Sam and Vince

I didn’t have much to do apart from record them to make our practice audio, so I took some video footage and made a cartoon clip! I love it! Here’s a bit of Get Up Stand Up, followed by learning transitions into One Love, Stir It Up and then Jammin’.

Apart from me not being in the video, our rhythm guitarist Wayne is also missing. He had a prior commitment to help someone move house. Plus our drummer Bojan and his artist wife (and our frequent photographer) Caitlin are about to become first-time parents. Bojan will now have to practise being a daddy…

, Roaring Lion ‘Legend’ album rehearsal
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We’re so lucky that drummer Kurtis agreed to fill in for Bojan, I think he’s mates with Vince. He did great.

Kurtis, and ‘T’ on bass

Boy, I’m missing them already! Can’t wait to get back and play with these beautiful people for the next three gigs in October. ❤️

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