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Is that a cheat sheet stuck on the piano?

A mum of three students got a new iPad stand so I had a great view of the kids when I called in. It’s a perfect view. I have a big iPad and it feels like I’m looking in from a window perched right on the edge of their piano.

What’s that I see? A cheat sheet! 😃 So who’s using that?

Mum said she made it for the youngest one, but actually it’s the middle boy who probably uses it. I agree, since I see his eyes go a bit frantic from time to time and dart to the right. Now I know what’s there.

Never mind! Whatever helps them along, and in time those dots will make sense and you can crack the code and discover the music all on your own ❤️.

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Joanna is British Australian. She worked mainly in financial news in London. In her forties she moved to her parents’ birthplace, Sabah, a Malaysian state on the island of Borneo, where she became a pianist in a hotel and wrote a blog about musicians. The blog became a book before Joanna came to Australia in 2012. In this blog she writes mostly about music, gardening, and trips to Sabah. Oh, and Wookie the Havanese.

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