Go The Mighty Little Beale!

I got a text message this morning from Hanna, mother of my students Eloise, Wyatt and Jakob.

The piano tuner was in and said the piano is well looked after, in tune and is fantastic quality to keep its condition so well! He said he doesn’t get to say that too often and that it’s usually the other way.

Go the mighty little Beale!


Yay! This time last year my lovely Beale went to its new home. Hanna and the kids were so excited. It went from my place…

To her place….

Later in the year I visited the family — the Beale’s very well loved in their Music Corner, isn’t it?

No visit is complete without a feed, in this case, Finnish-style ❤️

Here was the post I wrote the day before the big move! My Beale is Going To A New Home ❤️. So good to know it’s being loved and played a lot!

Later Hanna said on Facebook:

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