The Fight Centre picked for Fair Rounds ActiveKIT initiative

Minh Chong Ali is in my blog quite a bit because he’s an Asian rap artist and songwriter. But he’s also very much into boxing and martial arts, and he works at The Fight Centre, a community-oriented martial arts and fitness club in Slacks Creek, Brisbane, Queensland.

Recently, The Fight Centre was selected to be part of ‘Fair Rounds’, a program run by the Queensland Government under its ActiveKIT initiative. 

We had a chat about what that meant.

It means The Fight Centre can offer vouchers for six-month gym memberships which are heavily subsidized by the Queensland government. They’re for people who want to get themselves into some training, but are struggling financially. 

Minh Chong Ali

Mihn added that The Fight Centre was the only gym to be selected for the programme, and he was pretty stoked about it.

The ‘Fair Rounds’ program has been one of the most rewarding things I’ve been a part of. I’m very proud of the things The Fight Centre is doing for the community.

This is the flyer. Minh said anyone who could use some help to improve their physical and mental wellness should scan the QR code to fill out an application. 

ActiveKIT (the ‘KIT’ stands for Knowledge, Innovation and Technology) is a ten-year Queensland Government programme to promote lifelong physical activity and remove the kinds of barriers that prevent Queenslanders from getting enough exercise.

Minh’s always talking about The Fam and his community. When I write about him that’s usually been in the context of his identity as a Vietnamese Australian. But Minh embraces a community that is way wider than that.

The Fight Centre is a great workplace for him because it’s all about helping people build confidence, and teaching them how to look after themselves. Great stuff.

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