PODCAST: Bao Pham, founder Team Bliss Esports

Bao Pham, a gamer, helped his friend build a team of PUBG gamers. He ended up creating an esports organisation called Team Bliss Esports. Now there are several Bliss teams competing internationally. 

Brisbane-based Team Bliss HQ has become a training centre for professional gamers, with state-of-the-art gaming hardware, and a gaming-oriented internet cafe.  It is expanding to become a gaming academy for gamers to improve their skills, whether their goal is to become a professional gaming athlete or just to become a better social gamer. 

Team Bliss is collaborating with Melbourne-based Andrew Kinch of Game Aware, to raise awareness about gaming and mental health, and the importance of finding work/life/gaming balance.

Team Bliss HQ 📷 David Fischer, Que Film

Courses will be offered at Bliss HQ relating to healthy gaming and problem gaming. There will be boot camps and activities using Bliss gaming computers to encourage a healthy and balanced approach to gaming at all levels. Some of the courses are for parents of gamers, as well as gamers themselves. Courses by Game Aware have been approved for NDIS funding, for applicants with ADHD or who are on the autism spectrum

Team Bliss HQ 📷 David Fischer, Que Film

Building will start soon for a large stage and seating area at Bliss HQ where spectators can come and watch gamers in action at competitions.

Team Bliss gamers 📷 David Fischer, Que Film

Here are other posts about Bao, Team Bliss and the Eastmode video shoot, which is where I first met Bao.



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