Rehearsing with Bob Marley tribute band ROARING LION

Rehearsal with Roaring Lion – a Bob Marley Tribute Band

This is a new journey for me… I can’t believe I’m getting to do this. It’s so cool. I went to rehearse with Gold Coast reggae band Roaring Lion. Well, I guess it was an audition really. Band leader Glen sent me a song list and I’ve been listening and playing and scribbling frantic notes like this:

Of course I was a bit nervous, but Glen put me at ease.

Whatever you come with on the day will be much appreciated. Bob said, Don’t worry about a thing coz every little thing is gonna be alright.


My first picture with them is black and white – I guess it’s kind of nostalgic for me, I mean it’s the first time I met them! Going forward there’ll be much more COLOUR – like their posters!

Covid has killed the festivals for now, but maybe things will be different later in the year. The core of the band has been together for a long time. My friend Bojan Sambolec (Schema Collective) is their new drummer. I’m now hearing his drum textures and accents. I’ll have to learn a new vocabulary to even describe it. Here’s Roaring Lion’s website where there’s plenty of info about the band’s history and the members. Reggae is new for me. More playing, more learning. Bubble? Awesome. For sure I’ll be writing more about the band musos and their music.

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