Piano Man. Taking the panel off my Beale — video

I removed the front panel of my Beale piano! I thought it would be fun to see all those moving hammers. Some of my students don’t know what’s inside an old-fashioned piano, so I played a short version of Billy Joel’s ‘Piano Man’, the quintessential pub piano bar song, for my kids.

Here are a few posts about my old Beale, which was made in Australia, in 1951.


  1. Hi Joanna, I am fascinated with Beale pianos and their history and loved reading about yours. I am contemplating getting one that was made in Australia. I am curious to know having seen that you have now purchased something else, were you happy with it?

    • Hi Christine, yes I loved it very much. I loved its history, and its sound. I loved treating the wood with linseed oil and I always enjoyed Gerard coming round to tune it. I have a digital piano too, and the Beale remained in tune very well. Mine was a Bijou Beale so it was a small piano. I can’t compare it with what I have now because they are completely different, just as comparing an old Beale and a new Yamaha or Kawai upright makes no sense. But for the time I had her, my Beale brought me much joy, and I made sure she went to a family where she would continue to be played and appreciated.

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