BuJo: Chihiro from Spirited Away

Term 4 starts in the second week of October so it’s time to nurture my inner child! I’ve been learning a piece of music from an anime movie (more about that later) and it brought back memories of watching beautiful Studio Ghibli movies with my son many years ago. So to kick off three delicious weeks of leisure, I made a BuJo entry of Chihiro, a main character in the animation movie “Spirited Away”. Hayao Miyazaki has brought joy to generations of fans around the world with his animations and film direction. I have a Spotify playlist of anime music which includes soundtracks from Ghibli movies too.

Chihiro looks like she has a tattoo on her jawline (what is it with me and jawlines? 😉) because I added too much water and the words on the other side of the page bled through. Aargh.

Still, you gotta have fun. This is the second time I’ve used these IKEA watercolour pencils and brushes, which I saw in the children’s art section and had to pick up. My first try was draw/painting a girl from Code Lyoko – love her hair!

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