Kookaburra, dry days

It’s so hot. I’m ready to give up on the roses, and other plants out in the open. The broms and herbs are okay, they’re all under dappled shade.

This Kookaburra was on the gate as the sun was setting. I think my neighbour Niven feeds them.

This Aussie sun is merciless. I mean, they say roses need at least six hours of sun. But I bet one hour of Queensland sun is worth six hours of London sun! Mad.

I might put my roses in big pots and move them to a shady corner. I have one nook which only gets a few hours of sun.

Here the moon is rising. The landscape is so dry, but still lovely.

I took these pictures with my new Google Pixel 3 phone. I am enjoying it!

Update: three weeks later (Feb 15 2019) and this offshoot of the lagoon has gone.

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