, Bunya nuts, bush tucker

Bunya nuts, bush tucker

Mike came back from golf. He called from the door. “Hey, I need your gardening gloves!”

Really? Why?

“Bunya Bunya, come!”

In the car were these massive cones, which had fallen off a Bunya tree. Blimey, wouldn’t want one of them falling on my head. No wonder he wanted my gloves to carry them.

Mike said there were some on the ground which had split open, but he was wary about those in case animals had been at them.

My neighbour (another) Michael has offered to cook them.

Apparently each diagonal segment separates away from the main cone, and has a big seed. Open up the seed and inside is a big nut! You get roughly 80-100 nuts, and the cone can grow to 10kg! Crazy!

Then you can boil them for about half an hour. Then eat! I expect there are many ways to consume these.

Bunya nuts are regarded as bush tucker, i.e. food from the bush.

Can’t wait to see and taste! My neighbours are great. 😊


  1. Yes , the Bunya Nuts are very nice indeed. Boiled is the easiest way. ….and you do have to be careful if a Bunya Nut tree is close around. The heavy nuts falling can kill you.

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