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Sleeping carpet snake

After playing piano at the Kooralbyn golf resort, I was leaving and Nea on reception said: “There’s a beautiful carpet snake just outside.”

I wasn’t thrilled to hear that. It was dark, I had to get to my car and didn’t want to step on anything…

“I’ll show you,” she said.

There it was, on one of the bicycles in the rack. Yep. It was beautiful. I must be becoming Australian to think that.

(It might have been a different story if I’d come across it myself, especially in the dark!)

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Joanna is British Australian. Her early career was in financial news in London. That ended in 2008. Joanna moved to Sabah, her parents’ birthplace, where she wrote a blog about musicians, which became a book. Joanna came to Australia in 2012 and started this blog — her second. These days, she writes mostly about music, her garden, and trips to Sabah. Oh, and Wookie the Havanese.

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