Ethnomusicology scholars pick up my book!

Ethnomusicology scholars have picked up my book SabahSongs: Contemporary Music In Sabah. 😀

The 5th symposium of the International Council of Traditional Music study group on Performing Arts Of South East Asia (PASEA) held their event in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah from 16-22 July 2018.

Thank you Yap KV for showing me these lovely photos. Yap was there with his friend, fellow musician Simon Kong. This is the interview with Simon, which appears in the book: Simon Kong – fusionist composer, Chinese orchestral music. It was originally in the blog by the same name.

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Although my book is about contemporary music rather than traditional…maybe the Sabahan Musician will become a special ethnic group of its own! We always said there was something in the water…😁



    • John Stefulj and I used to play some fun music together…..a lot of it was recorded, and John has the tapes.
      I was taught to play flutes…..all flutes in the flute family….by a guy I met in the bush in North QLD in 1969.
      I started off with guitar and was never able to master it. …but the flute was a different story.
      In this bit of music on the youtube I am playing a piece of electrical PVC pipe that I drilled 7 hole in .
      It’s very unusual stuff….and when John was 20 he heard something similar of mine and came knocking on my door out of the blue.
      That’s when our friendship started.

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