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  1. Albert, that is wonderful. I can’t wait to see it. Thank you for creating something beautiful, and John is our link. Wow.

    1. I’m glad you had time to look at the art work of John.
      There are about 4 more I did for John ….some just for fun…..all on RedBubble. We had sooooooooooo many laughs together..!!

  2. Hi Albert. Yes I saw that you are an artist. It’s a wonderful idea and I would love to see it. But I don’t have a budget to commission any art at the moment.
    If you can still consider a digital work, I’d gladly display it here and anywhere else I can share,

    The whole idea is so fine, that a friend of John’s turned my photo into a digital impressionist piece.

    1. I’m not too sure how it would turn out ……it’s going to be difficult because of the dark areas and the relationship between the foreground and the background……but I want to do it exactly as you shot it. …free of course…..I don’t think I have ever charged for any of my art works.

      All I ask is if you let me display it on my RedBubble portfolio…..and I will give credit to you for taking the shot. …is that OK?

      After that you can freely do what-ever you like with the art work.

      I will give you the link to the final art work….which will be a big file.

  3. John Stefulj got me started on Digital art in 1995 when he came to my place in Koreelah NSW.
    Since then I have done over 900 art works and they are all mainly on RedBubble. I go by the name of Albert Sellaman ( my pseudonym ).

    Here’s one of John in 2010.

    I never would have know that John died except for the post you put up here. Another friend did a search for me when I asked him to find out “where” John was.

    Thanks ..!!

  4. Joanna….. dear friend of John S. I could get that looking like ,,,out of this world with Topaz Impressions and Photoshop. If you are interested please let me know.

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