Monet in Oz

I went for a walk with Mike, and took this picture. On Facebook, my neighbour Michael said: “Monet in Oz, that photo is.”

Another neighbour, Jenny, said: “Needs a bridge.”

“Exactly. Monet in Oz. No infrastructure.”


  1. Albert, that is wonderful. I can’t wait to see it. Thank you for creating something beautiful, and John is our link. Wow.

    • I’m glad you had time to look at the art work of John.
      There are about 4 more I did for John ….some just for fun…..all on RedBubble. We had sooooooooooo many laughs together..!!

  2. Hi Albert. Yes I saw that you are an artist. It’s a wonderful idea and I would love to see it. But I don’t have a budget to commission any art at the moment.
    If you can still consider a digital work, I’d gladly display it here and anywhere else I can share,

    The whole idea is so fine, that a friend of John’s turned my photo into a digital impressionist piece.

    • I’m not too sure how it would turn out ……it’s going to be difficult because of the dark areas and the relationship between the foreground and the background……but I want to do it exactly as you shot it. …free of course…..I don’t think I have ever charged for any of my art works.

      All I ask is if you let me display it on my RedBubble portfolio…..and I will give credit to you for taking the shot. …is that OK?

      After that you can freely do what-ever you like with the art work.

      I will give you the link to the final art work….which will be a big file.

  3. John Stefulj got me started on Digital art in 1995 when he came to my place in Koreelah NSW.
    Since then I have done over 900 art works and they are all mainly on RedBubble. I go by the name of Albert Sellaman ( my pseudonym ).

    Here’s one of John in 2010.

    I never would have know that John died except for the post you put up here. Another friend did a search for me when I asked him to find out “where” John was.

    Thanks ..!!

  4. Joanna….. dear friend of John S. I could get that looking like ,,,out of this world with Topaz Impressions and Photoshop. If you are interested please let me know.

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