Harvey Blues, guitarist

I want to tell you about my friend Harvey. He’s a wonderful blues guitarist. He lives the life, and is a great guy.

I met him three years ago at Music Express music school in Norton Street. The tutors had their own studios. As manager, I went through them each week to dust and clean.

In Harvey’s studio I saw a jar of Branston pickle on his desk, and a box of PG Tips. I brushed off the loose tobacco and straightened up the rolling papers.

A week later I met him. We chatted outside the building one night while he had a smoke.

Harvey came to Queensland a while back, and it took him about six years to change the UK plugs on his gear to Aussie ones. But he didn’t go back. He’s here and plays all over town.

I’ve wanted to write about him, do a proper interview. But he’s busy, I’m busy, and the years go by.

So, my words aren’t important. Harvey’s making music, and it speaks for itself. This is Blues Arcadia. They sell out gigs. Here’s their Facebook page. http://www.bluesarcadia.com/

Maybe one day we’ll have a cup of tea and I’ll make a longer post. In the meantime, good on ya, Harvey Blues.

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