Alex Mackenzie, multi instrumentalist, saxophone, Dusty the original pop diva, music symbol tattoo treble clef bass clef

Alex Mackenzie, multi-instrumentalist

Alex Mackenzie is the last member to join our band in Dusty The Original Pop Diva, a musical about Dusty Springfield at Sunnybank Theatre which runs from Nov 13 to 28 2015. Alex plays tenor and alto sax, flute and clarinet. He also plays in the Kelvin Grove Wind Orchestra.

Alex teaches at Runcorn High School. Yes, this charming, cherubic face teaches teenagers. Can you believe it? Boy, do I feel old! 

He’s also the brother of Dusty cast member Bianca Armstrong, who has charm and stardom written all over her. These are seriously artistic genes!

June Gemmell and I love Alex’s tattoo.

“He’s got a tat on his arm. Have you seen it yet?” June asked me a few weeks ago.

Sigh. Now we all want one. See?


John Kent, our drummer, pointed out that the sitzprobe happens this Sunday. That will be the first time the band and the cast come together. A lot of work ahead!  I’m having so much fun working in Dusty. 🙂

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