We Only Want To Be With Clare!

Clare Patrick is Dusty Springfield in our upcoming show Dusty The Original Pop Diva, which runs from November 13 to 28 at the Sunnybank Theatre. Clare is warm, energetic and she’s got her “Dusty hands” down to a tee.

The first time I worked with Clare, she was the Brooklynite-and-not-so-bright redhead (“Where’s the cawfee?”) Lois in Breaking Up Is Hard To Do, a show based on music by Neil Sedaka. She was also Rizzo in Grease. I would have loved to have seen her in that, all sassy and with her powerhouse pipes!

As Dusty, Clare soars with songs like I Only Want To Be With You and Son Of A Preacher Man. She is a broken spirit when she sings I Think It’s Going To Rain Today. She is tenacious for Quiet Please, There’s A Lady On The Stage. She is a phoenix for You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me.

And she’s got a lotta costumes and wigs!

Clare writes a blog to chronicle the journey of home schooling Sam, her six-year-old son who was born with a condition called 22q 11.2 distal deletion syndrome.  Her blog is The Bumpy Road Way, which she hopes will be helpful to other people in similar situations.

So, just 25 songs to learn, dialogue, blocking, dancing, three rehearsals a week plus a weekly band rehearsal, a blog to write and an awesome kid to nurture. Not much going on there, then.

Oh, and she’s mad about Doctor Who. I like the sound of that! Maybe she was in a costume at the Sci-Fi Library Day. I did see a Dalek there…

Musical theatre. Of unsung heroes.

Clare as Dusty, the original pop diva
, We Only Want To Be With Clare!

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