Dusty: Band rehearsal!

Here’s a great picture taken by Clare Patrick, who plays Dusty in our upcoming musical Dusty The Original Pop Diva. This is the band rehearsing at Musical Director June Gemmell’s home.

Starting from the bottom right corner is June. She’s got the conductor’s score and is directing us from there:

“Try it again! Right. That’ll be fine. What’s next?”

Bless her.

To her left is John Kent our drummer. He’s got a whiz-bang new electronic drum kit. It looks pretty high-end to me, and he certainly whizzes and bangs it a lot.

June has to contain him a bit.

“John, your solo is 4 bars, not 14.”
He’s probably the only person she doesn’t yell to go “Faster!”

Left of him is Colin Poulton our lead guitarist and Precision Police. He is mind-blowingly accurate, and I am quietly praying that he and I don’t have many passages to play in sync, because if so I will have to get those down to a tee. Down to a micro-tee even. Between June and Col, you know this music is going to be sharp!

To the left of Col is bass player Pete Tune. What a perfect name for a musician! Almost as good as Funk 😉 He’s good mates with Col and they play a lot together at the Rock & Soul Revival Club in Darra.

On his left is Joe Manricks. He’s our second keyboardist. He plays with a lot of bands. He joined us recently, and when we started playing, all this loud and wonderful rock organ filled the room.

I thought:

“Hey! Who is this guy? He’s smokin’. Why don’t I sound like that? How come he has all those cool lines to play?”

Grrr. Rivalry! Now I’m going to practise even more!

Oh, and to the left of him – is me. I love playing June’s grand piano. Once I’m on it you can’t get me off.

Dusty The Original Pop Diva is going to be a stonking, massive show. A visual splendour, a song, dance and story to make you laugh and cry and wish there was more.

See you there!


  1. Thank you for your kind words Joanne. You are not too bad yourself you know! I need to lift my game and now that my classical concert is over, I will be working on Dusty among other things. I intend to do my best to get the band smoking!!!

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