Quiet please, there’s a lady on the stage

We are about half-way through the rehearsals for the musical Dusty, the Original Pop Diva, which will run for 3 weeks in November at the Sunnybank Theatre. Most of Act 1 is now complete, we’ve gotten a lot of the big numbers down now, like My Generation and Dancing In The Street, which involve the entire cast and a lot of choreography and harmony. It’s a big workout!

The other day I worked on The Look Of Love, with Dusty and Reno, so sexy with great jazz chords. Love Burt.

Tonight I’ll be working on the Dusty solo songs with Clare Patrick: Who Can I Turn To,  Yesterday When I Was Young, Quiet Please, There’s A Lady On The Stage.

That last song is so lovely it makes my heart ache. I’m not quite there yet with all the key changes. (This arrangement is by Stephen Gray.) Our drummer John Kent told me that it’s a Peter Allen song. So it’s an Aussie song! Ha!

To be honest, when I first became involved with musical theatre, I had a vague idea that people who did musical theatre probably had plenty of leisure time and not much else to do.

It’s not like that at all. The whole gamut of the human condition comes to musical theatre.

Life’s not an easy road, and all around me are examples of the Everyday Hero, as people juggle the challenges of work, finance, family, relationships, health. Yet for a few hours, a few nights a week, they come together to become Dusty, or Reno, or Rodney, or The Lana Sisters. They sing, they dance, they learn lines, they put on a costume, they act.

They make something moving and powerful and quite splendid, and share it with the local community.

Being in a musical is good for the soul. I’m so grateful that Director Leonie Walsh and Musical Director June Gemmell brought me into their world.


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