Dusty The Original Pop Diva, Sunnybank Theatre, Brisbane, Australia

My Generation! Working those bods in Dusty

I love this music from “Dusty The Original Pop Diva”, which will be running for three weeks at Sunnybank Theatre in November. I’ve been working with Choreographer Lynette Wockner on the big songs which involve all the cast. Lynette’s so gorgeous, she’s upbeat and energetic, driving everyone on to learn one set of moves after the next. She gets them to keep going!

I’m trying to be a better répétiteur and give her the melody as she walks the cast through the moves. We both love the arrangements for these songs! I just wish I could watch more, but I’m glued to my scores! Story of my life.

Assistant Music Director Robyn Ryan is sorting out the vocals in the big songs, at the moment we’re on “My Generation” and “Dancin’ In The Street”. Singing, dancing, oh, the musicals! Wait till we get to the drag queens…

This coming week I get to see what Musical Director June Gemmell has been doing with the principals. It will be the first time I hear what they’re doing with duets and more ballad-y stuff. I can’t wait 🙂

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