, UTS tech rehearsals. Brrr!

UTS tech rehearsals. Brrr!

BRRR! Under This Sky (UTS) tech rehearsals into the cold night! The lights are blue, like our hands. Steve Francis plays a haunting bass clarinet solo in one of the early scenes in the show. Steve composed this piece in a songwriting workshop last year, and the QMF team sought him out and asked him if he would like to perform it solo in UTS. How cool is that?

Steve plays many wind instruments in shows at Beenleigh Theatre Group, and has a business making clarinet pick-ups. He has loads of information about this on his Piezobarrel website.

Taane Thomas and Wendy Salter moved to Logan a few months ago from New Zealand and are stoked to be involved in the arts here. In UTS, Taane performs a traditional Māori ritual, which he said is almost prayer-like in its reverence for sunrise and the arrival of dawn.

Oboist Kath is a joy to sit next to. When she’s not playing, her head bobs up and down and side to side to the sound of the All Stars band. She said she was particularly hyped because she won her high jump trials, jumping just under 7 feet. She also did well in all her running events this week. Good on ya Kath!

Last week Creative Director Sean Mee was walking around during our sitzprobe looking so stern!

He said, “I’m not upset, just the opposite! I’m trying to visualize how this will look when it all comes together!

This is not a concert, not a musical, not theatre. It is an original work.

Yes indeedy. This celebration of Logan is massive, involving schools, community choirs and many local associations. If you live in Logan, you will know someone performing this weekend, for sure. Here is the UTS FAQ, find out everything you need to know before this weekend!

Oh lastly, a big thank you to Mia Cobbin for including a link to this blog on the UTS blog. Yay! 🙂


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