QMF, Queensland Music Festival, Logan Orchestra, melodica,

And soon it begins…

So we had our first on-site orchestra rehearsal, on raised scaffolding with a backdrop of purple up-lit trees! Our orchestra pit (can it be a pit when it’s raised?) is in a massive field, with front-of-house on a smaller platform.
They dictate to us from there, as infinitely patient sound engineers proceed with the sound check.

QMF, Queensland Music Festival, Logan Orchestra,  Logan, Logan Entertainment Centre
Sam Tuuga on the keys, and Bob Johnson, an infinitely patient soundman.

This FAQ link has everything you need to know about the QMF Under This Sky event.

Wendy and her purple bass
Tiffany and her purple bass

Purple trees and… a purple bass! Tiffany’s been playing double bass for almost 9 years and also plays bass guitar. That’s a very cool young lady!

And who else is cool? All-Star band percussionist Liam Madden. He is cool as a cuke. I’m seated next to him, and I’m mesmerised as he layers our music with glorious textures using gongs, cowbells, bongos and many other rattling and shimmering instruments I have no vocabulary to describe.

QMF Queensland Music Festival Logan Orchestra Percussionist Liam Madden
Percussionist Liam Madden


These guys are knocking me out. Love being in this orchestra Under This Sky!



  1. Shaun Dorney

    A great taste of what’s to come Joanna !

    Can’t wait to see your article once the actors and singers hit the stage in front of the orchestra!!

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