QMF “Under This Sky” is in 2 weeks! Go Melodica!

My Melodica and I are getting ready for Under This Sky. It’s in two weeks! A big free event happening Aug 1-2! Where? When?

Venue Event Information Social
Football Field
Logan Brothers Rugby League Club
Wembley Rd, Logan
Gates open 3pm
Arrive early to secure your spot
Bring a blanket, chair or cushion
Food will be available for purchase
This is an alcohol free event

There is an overwhelming sense of community being part of this production. Under This Sky pulls people together for orchestra, choir, dance and drama. Everyone in it is from Logan, this thing is happening in my neighbourhood!

, QMF “Under This Sky” is in 2 weeks! Go Melodica!
Rehearsal at Logan Sports Centre. I’m the purple one. Photo courtesy of QMF

James Bun plays flute in the same row as me, but he actually plays every wind instrument under the sun and possibly a bit more, in BRYO Brisbane Regional Youth Orchestra. I was mumbling about my GPS bringing me to Canterbury College a different way every time, and he launched into local directions way over my head.

“Where were you coming from? Oh, then the best way is probably… turn right at Bunnings and continue until you come to the petrol station, then turn again there ….”

Stop! Gimme the GPS!

James learned how to play his instruments in school, and went to China with LYME (Logan Youth Music Exchange).

“I went to a high school where you could take home an instrument for the weekend. So I took advantage of this and made sure I could play everything – trumpet, flute, bassoon, clarinet, french horn, saxophones. This way, whenever anyone in an orchestra is sick, I can fill the parts. It’s very useful, see?”

A living example why music education in schools is GOOD. Here’s James on the left, with whiz flautist Monash, and oboists Brooke and Kath.

, QMF “Under This Sky” is in 2 weeks! Go Melodica!
L to R: James, Monash, Brooke and Kath

Brooke and Kath have helped me no end, especially with my abysmal counting. It’s a bit like walking and chewing gum – I cannot enjoy what’s going on around me without losing my place.

I bet this means I won’t see the show because I’m glued to the scores! Not fair! I want to see the performers! Here are a few in rehearsal.

, QMF “Under This Sky” is in 2 weeks! Go Melodica!
High schoolers being choreographed with hip-hop artist Morganics watching. Photo courtesy of QMF
, QMF “Under This Sky” is in 2 weeks! Go Melodica!
I have NO idea what they are or what they’re doing! Photo courtesy of QMF

These two ladies would know what’s going on.

, QMF “Under This Sky” is in 2 weeks! Go Melodica!
Stage manager Tanya and UTS Producer Tara Hobbs. Photo courtesy of QMF

Luckily, SBS has been with us all the way, filming everything. So I should see it on telly! I think it’s going to be a three-part documentary (Aussies must say “doc-o” or something equally short).

Shaun Dorney, our Orchestra Director and Arranger (and incidentally BRYO Director of Music) lives in Logan, and international artists the Mundy-Turner duo have lived and played all over the world before making Logan their home base! How good is that? Cath Mundy is exuberance incarnate, I think she could inspire a toad into a state of falsetto. The choir must love her. Cath is Choral Director of this production, and Jay Turner composed many of the songs, and is in the UTS All Stars band.

[Mundy-Turner supported The Corrs, and are the second artists I have met associated with that awesome Irish folk-rock band. The first was bass guitarist Keith Duffy, who played with them for 7 years. Here’s my long interview with him, Calum MacColl and Steve Barney when they were supporting Ronan Keating in Sabah.]

Morganics is a celebrated hip-hop artist from Sydney. He’s won awards and done work everywhere, from Bondi Beach to the Bronx, the Sydney Opera House to Long Bay Jail, Tanzania to Tokyo. The way he comes across, it’s pretty clear that in his mind, The World is his community.

, QMF “Under This Sky” is in 2 weeks! Go Melodica!
Hip Hop artist Morganics. Photo from his website


He said: “That is the ultimate dub instrument.”

(Oh yeah, oh yeah..I’m smokin’ .. and trying to bend my knees groovily like I know about Dub. Sigh)

Morganics: “Seriously Shaun, that melodica is the best thing since sliced bread.”

Keyboard player Sam Tuuga has a great band, Bass 6, playing lots of big funk and jazzy sounds. They’re the other part of the All Stars band, along with Jay. I first saw these Samoan guys some weeks ago. They sounded fantastic, but they were sitting behind me and I couldn’t turn around to watch them. I thought Sam was playing a really bright stage piano, but it fact he’s got a mixer and it all goes through a laptop.

“I’ve been based in Logan for a long time now,” he said. “About 11 years.” Community, music, that’s what it’s all about!

, QMF “Under This Sky” is in 2 weeks! Go Melodica!
Shaun and Sam Tuuga

Just two more weeks folks! Get it in your calendar! Under This Sky!

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, QMF “Under This Sky” is in 2 weeks! Go Melodica!

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