Treasury Casino photoshoot

Right now these are very big posters on the casino walls! I haven’t been there to see them yet, but my husband took these photos. I must get over there, hope they don’t change them any time soon. The Treasury Casino brand photo shoot was by Cartel Film Production.

Shinji Ogata, who was with me in that photoshoot, has a studio at Boundary Markets in the West End where he does live portraits. This is his website: Acoustic Drawings: The Shinji Ogata Gallery. Here’s his 20 minute watercolour of me, which he did while we were working. He had a small bag of paints and paper with him, to paint something in between shoots. That’s an artist!

Joanna Funk by Shinji Ogata

Shinji calls his work Acoustic Drawings because it’s a one-take work, like improvisation. To top it all, his favourite jazz musician is Bill Evans! So’s mine!

Here’s his take on Bill. Click on it to go to the original work.

Bill Evans Shinji Ogata
Bill Evans by Shinji Ogata

Treasury Casino1

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