Melodica: Jammin’ in da orchestra

It’s the second rehearsal of the Logan Orchestra, which performs Aug 1-2 as part of this year’s Queensland Music Festival (QMF).

We have a new location: Old Logan Village Road, Waterford. So I pray to Google Maps and off we go.

Lovely Isabel was there, waiting for us with new music, here she is.

, Melodica: Jammin’ in da orchestra Isabel Hart, QMF Project Co-Ordinator

Looking at the music, Melodica has chords and…a reggae beat! Aw, look at that! Bars and bars of it. Today we are groovin’

I managed to keep count when I wasn’t playing, most of the time. Conductor Shaun only shouted once: “Melodica, this is you, now.”

Anyway, he doesn’t seem too mad with me. What do you think?

, Melodica: Jammin’ in da orchestra Da Boss! Shaun Dorney, QMF Orchestra Director and Conductor

We were in a lovely place, Canterbury College. I think we’re having a few rehearsals here. The college is hosting an Arts Open Day on May 26. So I thought I would include the flyer here for your perusal.

, Melodica: Jammin’ in da orchestra

Next rehearsal is in a couple of weeks!

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