Klasik Elastik PHOTO VIDEO

Klasik Elastik is a duo made up of Sophie Van Aerde (violin, recorder) a doctor from France, and me (piano, melodica).

We play mostly classical and gypsy songs. Sophie likes to be very expressive, varying the speed of the music when she feels like it. She has taught me how to listen and follow her. Klasik and Elastik are Malay words, because we met and formed our duo in Sabah, Malaysia. But we could have called ourselves Elastic Classics, or even Les Classiques Elastiques.

Because I now live in Australia and Sophie still lives in Sabah, we are working out how best to write our own music and continue playing together.

(Courtesy of Louis Pang, Glory Yew, and Revolution on Motion, and Chua Chun Kiong.



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