Podcasting is a new thing. I do think it’s nice to hear people’s personalities, so hopefully we will have a collection over time.

Joel Stephen Fleming, writer/director of 13th Street Film, talks about the idea behind crime comedy short film JACKS, which has over 20 laurels and has won festival awards including Best Comedy, Best Dark Comedy, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Actor, Best Ensemble Cast (yay! Because I play Yang).
Bao Pham details the Team Bliss Esports journey, from sponsoring one gamer to his 15 members competing in PUBG, Valorant and Rainbow 6 in the international esports arena. Bao also talks about Game Aware, an organisation which raises awareness about mental health in gaming, plus a new gaming academy which is opening soon, and building a gaming spectator stage at HQ in Coopers Plains, Brisbane,
Lark Lee talks about her latest film project Street No. 4, and we randomly move through topics like Asian parents, Asian creatives, suppressed dreams, education and working life pressure in South Korea, and writing horror.
Minh talks about Oizoioi, the fashion brand he launched with his brother and nephew, trips to Darwin with the Eastmode music collective, and boxing activities in the community.

The Joanna Funk Podcast is hosted on Anchor FM.