Für Elise arranged for pre-grade learners

I just did something and am quite pleased about it so I thought I would share it.

My student Sasha wants to play the first part of Für Elise at the Excellence Expo which will happen at her school in September.

Sasha is a pre-Grade learner so I arranged it for her using Musescore software.

(Later MuseScore suggested I upload the original musescore file to their website so other members can use it. So I did and the file is here.)

At first I took a video with my phone to show how MuseScore plays it back on my laptop screen (with a neat cursor moving across the music). But the screen was badly distorted with lines and quite unusable. So I just played it instead.

Even though it’s really simple now, I think it’s still pretty.

Feel free to download the pdf Für Elise for pre-grade learners. If you share it I’d appreciate a link back if you would be so kind.