Private students Term 1 2018

Willow has started her second John Thompson book, “Teaching Little Fingers To Play More”, but when I asked her what her favourite piece to play was, she went straight back to the Wigwam song at the back of book 1! Quite a few kids like this one.

Sasha and I played March Of The Goblins together, but not very successfully! It was the end of the evening….

Patrick has a lot of initiative! By looking at a key chart, he taught himself how to play Seven Years Old from a piano pop song book. I didn’t teach him this song. He plays the melody in two hands, because that’s how he worked it out. I helped him count note values, when we started lessons this term. This shows patience and determination, great characteristics for a young lad, Patrick!

Jess is playing a song her mother likes, called Together. I’m sure she was listening, while sorting out the dinner. I can hear those kitchen sounds!

Here’s Luke grooving away to Hot Chili Rock, without any little brothers in sight! Phew!

I love it when adults tell me they always wanted to learn piano, and now they want to start. Joanna is a busy mum, running her own customised furniture business, but she is making time to learn piano.  Good on you, Joanna.

Daisy is learning a Grade 1 exam piece. She’s using a metronome, and will gradually pick up the speed until she’s reached the suggested tempo. It’s sounding lovely already. You’ve done great work this term. Well done Daisy 🙂

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