Advert for E10 Biofuels

In 2017 the Queensland Government ran a consumer education campaign “E10 OK” in conjunction with the launch of its biofuels mandate.

The message was that a lot can happen in ten years, referring to the development of E10 fuel. The feature picture was taken at a bus stop in Brisbane CBD.

In the picture below, the “ten years ago” version of me looks at the future. On the left I’m in my mid-level management clothes, while ten years later, the kids have grown, I’ve moved up the executive ladder, with more disposable income and time to spend it. A lot happened in ten years!

The shoot was at Jesse Smith’s Fox Street Studio. The advertising agency was Ogilvy Brisbane, Senior Art Director was Simon Budzevski.


Many thanks to the hair (Tania Travers), make-up (Sharon Robbins) and wardrobe (Julie Weir) artists who worked on me that day. I didn’t recognise myself by the time they’d finished. Here are some shots from that day.

I am represented by Agency 888.


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