King’s Christian College students in Term 1 2018

Emma (Reedy Creek) really likes the country song Oh Susanna. We took a break from exam and lesson work to just have a sing-along at the end of the term!

Chloe (Pimpama) had learnt Beauty And The Beast virtually note-perfect, but she skipped a lot of the rests (silent beats). We made a pact: let’s focus on counting properly for two weeks, and she’ll have a song to play perfectly forever. She agreed, and she’s achieved it.

Maya (Reedy Creek) can you find your first notes?  Yes you can!

Micah (Pimpama) shows his steel-like concentration, as he plays a song with children walking and talking all around him. Well done Micah!

New student Grace (Pimpama) is playing her early pieces with confidence and pleasure. Excellent!

Christian (Reedy Creek) is learning SEMIBREVES. So he has to count four beats and wait before he plays his next C… good counting Christian!

Emilia (Reedy Creek) finished her Primer level book and recently started Level 1. There are some nice duets in the Piano Adventures series, and she likes this one.

Poor Tian (Pimpama) broke his arm halfway through the term!  I understand he’s fully healed now and raring to go in Term 2. Anyway, here’s a video with him before his arm broke, improvising on the black keys (that’s making up a melody) with me. Can you hear the thoughtfulness in his playing? He even mirrors me sometimes.

There is a trick here: the black notes make up a pentatonic scale (5-note scale) and anything you play on it will not clash. But nothing will sound nice if you hit the keys without feeling, and without awareness. Tian – you’ve got a musician’s awareness 🙂

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