Who made my day? Nadya!

Nadya made my day wonderful. My five-year-old student greeted me, waving a piece of paper.

“I drew this for you! It’s Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!”

I haven’t really studied solfège, so I counted on my fingers quickly, whispering do, re, mi… each time. Yep it works. She got it from YouTube. This is her fifth or sixth lesson with me. Before she started, her mum said Nadya would probably concentrate for ten minutes max, so we tagged her lesson onto the end of her brother and sister’s piano lessons.

Ice Cream Man duet – THE VIDEO

A few weeks ago I wrote about my students Jessica (7) and Sasha (5).  The post was about Jessica showing me lyrics she wrote for a song.  I wrote a simple duet for the girls, and used MuseScore notation software (which is free to download!) to write it up. Here’s the original post, which shows the lyrics, music score and describes where the girls are in their musical development.

Ice Cream Man student original duet music

Jessica and Sasha are siblings aged 7 and 5 respectively. I encourage them to make up tunes. “Don’t be scared,” I say. “It’s good to create.” So last week Jessica hits me with: “Can we make a song together?” “Sure…” “…because I wrote one! Here it is! Can you do the music?” Ha! Okay. I Continue reading Ice Cream Man student original duet music