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  • The Grande Dame arrives

    Two men wheel out a black grand piano on a trolley on its side

    Last week I wrote about my Beale going to a new home. Well that sure did happen and I was texting photos like this to Hanna saying, “They’re taking it now!” Later, she sent back… I’ve said before that buying the Beale felt like putting down roots in Australia – I wouldn’t buy an acoustic […]

  • Cosmos 🌸

  • Blue!

  • Good morning!

  • ‘Going Home’, Haystack Mountain Hermits CD review

    Country music is new to me, but the Haystack Mountain Hermits put me right in the picture: tell me a story, let your instruments sing out, and fill my space with your glorious harmonies.  This is Australian country music at its finest. If you, or someone you know, loves country, this is a perfect present. […]

  • Cows out at my student’s

    Don’t you love it? Teaching piano in the Scenic Rim means occasionally going to farms. A bit of traffic here today. How now, brown cow? 😊

  • Got my Arts Ablaze media pass 👍

    Just picked up my media pass for Arts Ablaze, which runs from October 1 – 6 at the Ramada Resort Kooralbyn Valley. Hope to listen to great music and write a nice piece for Scenestr. Check out the Arts Ablaze website to find out what’s on. There are a lot of big tents and artistic […]

  • First koala sighting

    This is my first time seeing a koala in the wild, thanks to a friend who took me onto his property. I’m very grateful.

  • Morning mob

  • Big roo by the gate

    Look how dry it is! Everything is brown in the Scenic Rim. We haven’t had decent rain for months. I went out the back to get the hose out and water the garden, but this guy was by the gate and I didn’t want to disturb him. So I watered the front first. He was […]

  • Arts Ablaze Fusion Artists in Residence jam session

    The Scenic Rim Regional Council is presenting Arts Ablaze, a celebration of regional arts in Queensland. Some very fine musicians are involved in a cross-cultural fusion performance, and that event is happening in October 2019 at the Ramada Resort Kooralbyn Valley! As a curtain-raiser, the Arts Ablaze musicians were in residence at the resort for […]

  • Bunya nuts, bush tucker

    Bunya nuts

    Mike came back from golf. He called from the door. “Hey, I need your gardening gloves!” Really? Why? “Bunya Bunya, come!” In the car were these massive cones, which had fallen off a Bunya tree. Blimey, wouldn’t want one of them falling on my head. No wonder he wanted my gloves to carry them. Mike […]

  • Tree snake in the rose

    A strip of iridescent blue, grey and yellow caught my eye in the rose bush. A tree snake with a lovely yellow head was just hanging out in the sun. I would have liked to get closer to take a better picture but I don’t know anything about snakes, so I kept my distance and […]

  • Slow gardening

    There was a time when I worked in London and my son was young, when seconds seemed like jewels. I would park at my local ASDA and mow a trolley down the aisles, grabbing groceries for the week: fresh for now, frozen for later. And I really mean grab, and sling, no pausing to compare […]

  • Roses make a comeback

    I love the early morning light. My roses had to fend for themselves last year and they didn’t do well. This year I’ve paid them more attention, feeding the soil and watering with Seasol. The kangaroos did make a meal of them during the drought 😕 but they are making a comeback!