Author: Joanna

  • Celebrating Milestones

    Continuance Pictures founder Tristan Barr says it’s important to remember milestones in our creative journey. He took a screenshot of us in Zoom today after one of our many 3 hour sessions and posted it on Instagram. I have some very driven and creative friends, and am so moved that they invite me into their […]

  • This Guy’s In Love With You piano cover

  • FESTIVAL NEWS: “Jacks” wins Best Dark Comedy at Oniros Film Festival – New York

  • ‘Origins’ by EASTMODE

    ‘Origins’ is the first music video from EASTMODE, a collective of Brisbane-based Asian Australian rappers. I love that they’re writing, defining, collaborating, making an artistic statement. They care. They’re beautiful. They brought me into The Fam, and I’m humbled by it. Videographer and rapper David Deggs Fischer even included me in the video. When I […]

  • FESTIVAL NEWS: Jacks earns first laurel from International Shorts Film Festival

    Short film crime comedy ‘Jacks’ has earned its first laurel, from International Shorts Film Festival. Related posts Joel Stephen Fleming, 13th Street Films Sen Shao – If Looks Could Kill Sian Laycock – creating the reality I Am Yang Tristan Barr, Continuance Pictures

  • Blue!

  • Piano Man – taking the panel off my Beale

    I removed the front panel of my Beale piano! I thought it would be fun to see all those moving hammers. Some of my students don’t know what’s inside an old-fashioned piano, so I played a short version of Billy Joel’s ‘Piano Man’, the quintessential pub piano bar song, for my kids. Here are a […]

  • Bao Pham, Founder, Team Bliss Esports

    This is an unexpected Fam story. I met Bao Pham at a recent music video shoot for Eastmode, and I really liked talking with him. He’s got a well-established flower business, and on the side he’s building a enterprise around his passion – esports! So here is something about Bao Pham and his Team Bliss […]

  • Eastmode video shoot – BTS

    EASTMODE is a collective of four Brisbane-based hip hop artists, and they are launching their EP ‘Origins’ with a music video. Art evolves over time and these seasoned rappers have come together to make music to please themselves rather than chase a trend. The Eastmode musicians all have Asian roots, from the Solomon Islands, Vietnam, […]

  • The Occasion – a collaboration with Continuance Pictures

    I am so excited to announce a collaboration with Continuance Pictures to interview local and international emerging filmmakers under a new title called ‘The Occasion’. Written interviews and podcasts will be on the Continuance website plus Apple and Spotify every month. When I first met Continuance co-founders Tristan Barr and David Gim I loved their […]

  • Chong Ali at the Flamin’ Galah

    Photography 📷 @le_akira Last year I reviewed Chong Ali at The Flamin’ Galah for Scenestr, but I never put it on my blog. In these Covid lock-down times I thought it would be good to relive some of that. I’ve reshaped it and have included more photos. Akira Le took all the photos, and it […]

  • My name is Joanna and I am a melodicaholic

    Bottom to top: Suzuki Melodion M-32C, Suzuki Pro-37, Hammond Pro-44H. I just joined a Facebook group called Melodicaholics Anonymous! It’s a private group created by a lovely bunch of melodica officianados. The founder is lead member of the Los Angeles melodica band Monsters of Melodica. Lots of melodica info there, and pictures of vintage melodicas […]

  • Brahms’ Lullaby for Molly

    [A note to add that this is not my original idea. Most beginner piano books start this way, although they soon move to the stave (notes on lines) and introduce chords. This does not suit Molly. I hope, by staying with this pictorial form, she will be able to play simplified versions of songs she […]

  • Tristan Barr

    Tristan Barr is co-founder of Continuance Pictures, alongside his business partner David Gim, who is based in Melbourne. Tristan and David are about identifying what different creators bring to the table, and finding the best ways to elevate their work. “Having faced my own mortality, I realise life is very short. I don’t want to […]

  • Sian Laycock – creating the reality

    In ‘Jacks’, we’re living in a stylised environment: a heightened reality in terms of the colour palette. The set is bold and the lighting is vibrant, with lots of neon. It’s almost retro-inspired and could be a set from any time in the last 20 or 30 years. Sian Laycock, Production and Costume Design, 13th […]