I was a financial news subeditor in London for ten years, until my employer Thomson Financial merged with Reuters in 2008. So I took voluntary redundancy and stepped off the treadmill of office life.


I moved to my parents’ birthplace, Sabah, Malaysia, where I became a pianist in a hotel, and started a blog about people working in the music industry. Stories were about instrumentalists, luthiers, composers, educators, Chinese orchestra, sound engineers, music festivals, photographers, event managers and other creatives. Before I moved to Australia, by popular demand the blog became a coffee table book. The Sabah Ministry of Tourism and Culture uses it as an official gift, and it can be found in libraries and book stores across Malaysia. Here are some posts about the book.

brand storyteller

I am now Brand Storyteller for the Agency 888 group of companies, and once again write stories about real people, this time working in the film, television and commercial industry.


I have some music reviews published in Scenestr, the Australian street press group covering pop culture and entertainment.