About This Blog

I write about my friends in film and music, and about creative Asians. I visit Sabah, Malaysia as much as I can, and love to write about people doing creative things there. Sabah is my parents’ birthplace and my second home.

Joanna is British Chinese and began her career as a bond dealer in London. After five years, she moved to financial news, where she stayed for 16 years. In her forties, she left London for her parents’ birthplace, Sabah, Malaysia. She started a blog about musicians and became a pianist in a hotel. The blog became a book before Joanna migrated with her family to Australia.

Now in Queensland, Joanna writes, teaches and plays the piano. She is Treasurer for QLD Community Television Association Inc, which aims to represent the voices of diverse communities in Queensland.

In Bob Marley tribute band, Roaring Lion