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Garden Post — June 19 2023

Trimming my lavender is my therapy. I wake at sunrise, make a strong coffee, then start mooching around in the garden to see what survived the night animals — phew, the thyme is still there. Then I sit and look out, and inevitably reach for the secateurs.

I think normal people get the shears out and give lavender a haircut when the flowers start turning brown. But me? Oh no. I like to cut them back individually. Yes it’s insanely time consuming, but I love to do it and just get lost in the process. I have to do it early because once it warms up the bees are all over it.

That’s the morning’s lot. Last week I used a few to mulch some newly planted stems. Maybe the little stems like being protected by their own kind? Is it weird to think that? Probably.

Not sure if they will take or not. Will just have to see.

That’s the beauty of gardening for me: you never really know if something’s going to work and seeing new growth is such a triumph.

Elsewhere, this rose is the only one which hasn’t been eaten, probably because it’s within the garden wall. The others are round the side, and something out there clearly likes to munch rose buds.

It’s winter now and I’m not sure if this one should be flowering. Hopefully that doesn’t make it vulnerable in a frost. Anyway, winter in Queensland is not brutal. As my neighbour Lilla says: “Cool breeze on your face, warm sun on your back.”

This morning I was feeling a bit blue because I stuffed something up yesterday. Now the sun is fully out, it’s a new day. Onwards and upwards.

It opened up in the sun a few hours later

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