Quentin Angus for Scenestr — Interview

Quentin Angus is an Australian jazz guitarist. Originally from Eden Valley SA, a town with about 300 people, today he is based in New York City living the life of a pro jazz musician. He’s also an Associate Professor at the City University of New York.

I interviewed him recently for Scenestr, ahead of his Australian tour to launch his new album “The State of Things”. Quentin spoke about being in a happy place — he’s a new dad, he loves the art of composition, and he’s enjoying teaching more and more.

Here is the interview with Quentin Angus in Scenestr.

Being in Kota Kinabalu, interviewing a guy in New York City about his upcoming Australian tour, for an Aussie magazine… Love the digital nomad life!

BIG THANKS to Chris Pereira for letting me use his studio in Damai, Kota Kinabalu, to interview Quentin on Zoom. Chris has a long career in the Arts; in Music, Photography and Film. He and I did quite a bit of work together — see stories involving Chris in my first blog, SabahSongs. Find Chris Pereira on Linktree.

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