Imperfect Practice #2 55 mins

Background music – Billy Joel, Beatles, soft jazz, Elton. I’m playing background piano at a book launch on Saturday. It’s actually for the publisher who launched my own book ten years ago, so I’m glad to be able to do it.

Since I only have a few days, anything that I can’t work out right away is a “No”. So there are plenty of “Nope, no, forget it,” ones!

For this kind of music my go-to app is iReal Pro, and the music it looks like this on a phone or iPad. You can literally carry thousands of songs just on your phone. But you must know what the song sounds like, or your won’t be able to play it because there’s no melody written.

Doing this in my cousin’s house. It’s about 7am so I’m sounding a bit timid, but she has a solid place and no close neighbours. She said I can play whenever I want! I’m still whispering a bit though.

ABOUT IMPERFECT PRACTICE. These days we are constantly editing ourselves — whether it’s photo filters, or tweaking MIDI to make note perfect songs or sharpen flat voices, or software to fix spelling and grammar — whatever! #Imperfect Practice is me playing for myself, playing duff notes and mumbling expletives while I work on things. I might work on the same songs for years and it still may never be perfect. That’s the life. It doesn’t matter, because the journey is enjoyable. So I record what it’s like to play at home, warts and all.

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