Makeshift piano lesson with no piano!

Panic! I wanted to give a student (in Australia) a piano lesson from Sabah, because she’s doing an exam later in the year. But for various reasons I couldn’t get to the piano in my cousin’s place, so I had to work something out. I ended up using “The Piano” app on an iPad as my “piano”, read her music on the other iPad, and communicated with her via Zoom on my phone.

Luckily, she didn’t need me to play a lot. Only occasionally to show the shape of a phrase. I had to use both hands to play notes which should be played in one hand. But with two hands I was able to make it sound the way it should. With one hand there was too much “hit and miss” on the screen.

I don’t recommend this for teaching! But it saved the day — in fact Aeisha did an hour and twenty minutes. We did good work! 💪 I’ll be at a piano the next time, promise!

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