Big shout out to EAROS for great customer service!

Late last year I invested in some noise-reducing ear plugs by Earos because Roaring Lion rehearsal sessions are LOUD! All nine of us cranking it up in a studio is intense. I wanted to protect my ears and forked out for a pair of Earos plugs, which are supposed to cut the noise level without losing the detail in the music.

They worked great. I could hear everything and had no ringing in my ears after our jam. But about a month after wearing them, a tickle developed in my ear. At first I thought a bug had flown in! My GP said my ear canal was irritated, what was I putting in my ear?

Aw! I was so disappointed. I put them away and used some foam ones which I got free at an Adriatic gig and which Vinnie’s Dive Bar gave to everyone at the door! But last month, I wrote to Earos, asking if they had any suggestions, so that I could use them.

Tara from Earos asked:

Did your EAROS come with foam tips? We recently started adding them to every box. So the small and large tips plus the foam. I’m guessing they were not in our box?

They weren’t. Tara said she would send some, but came back when she realised I wasn’t a U.S. customer – the postage for those little foam tips would cost a fortune to send to Australia! She said she would think on it and get back to me.

An email a few days later said:

Just reaching out to update you that I shipped you some foam eartips yesterday. I hope they work out for you!

That made my day! Look at that postage. In US dollars too. Bless her cotton socks!

I removed the triple-flange ear tips that had been irritating my ears, and slid the foam ear tips on.

Ready to go! Can’t wait to test them out! Let’s hope it all works out. But a massive THANK YOU to Tara and Earos for caring enough to do this for me. That’s a real company! 🤗

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