Socially Distant: through Candice’s eyes

Sian Laycock and Joel Stephen Fleming of 13th Street Films have written a first for Australia! ‘Socially Distant’ is a topical six-part comedy web-series filmed entirely in a Point-of-View (POV) format, and is about two new housemates who find themselves forced together during a snap Covid lockdown.

To achieve the POV effect, a one-off camera rig had to be built. The actors had to wear and remove the rig continuously as they moved through the scenes, but the chore was well worth it.

Candice Hill plays the older and conservative George, owner of the house.

Actor Candice Hill plays George in ‘Socially Distant’

Trying to act naturally while looking down the barrel was weird but I liked it! The camera was strapped to the other actor so you still had someone to play off. Even though they were in your peripheral vision it was still possible to find a genuine connection. It was also so artistic and creative to wear the camera and frame the shots, while performing. I really love the concept of the show, to be able to express the conflicting thoughts in our brain compared to what we actually say aloud!

Candice Hill

‘Socially Distant’ will soon be available to watch on the Facebook page of 13th Street Films, at

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