Socially Distant: Pony’s Point of View

‘Socially Distant’ is a hilarious and topical six-part web-series by 13th Street Films about two new housemates who find themselves forced together during a snap Covid lockdown. Written and directed by Sian Laycock and Joel Stephen Fleming, the series is filmed entirely in a Point-of-View (POV) format, the first of its kind in Australia. 

To achieve the POV effect, a one-off camera rig had to be built. Cinematographer Dave ‘Pony’ Aponas of Short Stack Productions took up the challenge.

Dave ‘Pony’ Aponas, cinematographer Short Stack Productions

“I wanted to make a body camera, and rigged a little Black Magic Pocket Camera to my Steadicam vest, using a series of clamps and arms,” Pony said. 

The camera sat just below the actor’s eye line and was nice and compact to the body. So an actor could still use their hands out in front of the lens. Meanwhile, I’m about 10 to 20 metres away, monitoring and changing the camera settings wirelessly.

Dave ‘Pony’ aponas, short stack productions

“Normally in movies, you have a wide, and then a close-up on each actor as coverage. But here, the only shots in each scene were dependent on how many characters were in the scene. If there were only two people in the scene, then there were only two shots and we would cut back and forth between the two. It was definitely a bit different and I really enjoyed doing it.”

‘Socially Distant’ will soon be available to watch on the Facebook page of 13th Street Films, at

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