Socially Distant: A new point of view

George is meeting her new housemate for the first time. It’s Mia! She’s young and bubbly, and especially exuberant first thing in the morning! Oh wow. Quite unlike George then. Now they’re in a snap lockdown, and Mia and George face the grim reality of having no one for company but each other… Will they survive it?

Socially Distant’ is a web series created by 13th Street Films

Meet Mia, played by Zara Goodman. But what is she wearing?

What is Zara Goodman wearing? 📷 13th Street Films

“The way the camera rig was set up was really intelligent and intuitive,” Zara said. 

“It was pretty heavy but stabilised in a way which was good for weight distribution. We didn’t really notice it when we had it on. Although we have a few scenes where the characters are walking side-by-side and looking at each other. So we do a bit of a squat and crab walk to the side to move and keep the camera focussed on the other person!” 

On the set of “Socially Distant” a new web series by 13th Street Films

I loved the responsibility and was amazed that they let us do that! One mistake and we could have cracked the lens or injured someone. We learned not to have jerky head movements, and to really plant your feet and not swivel since it’s like filming a hand-held shot. Plus we still had to deliver our lines in a realistic way. As a performer I was grateful for the opportunity and I have so much respect for camera operators now!

Zara Goodman
Actor Zara Goodman

Sian Laycock and Joel Stephen Fleming of 13th Street Films are creating comedy from a different point of view. Wanna know more? Watch this space…

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  1. My name is Ruth Maroros and I’m interested any role for a elder woman if there’s any in production in film, please can you contact me on Email address thank you for your understanding and I look forward for your response.

    1. Hi Ruth, I’ll pass that information on to 13th Street Films. Thank you for your interest and good luck with roles in the future! Joanna

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