Reggae in the Park

“Saturday, in the park…..I think it was the Fourth of July…” so Chicago sang. But for us it was the 24th of July and Roaring Lion played in a skate park in Capalaba! Gosh how I love Queensland winters – sunny, cold days and blue skies. Glorious! We were so ready to play reggae! 

Lead guitarist Maui and lead vocalist Glen 📷 Caitlin Halsall

The event was run by SCHEMA Collective. They’ve done five of these events so far, bringing together music, art and skateboarding, while promoting awareness for youth mental health and community engagement. Other bands on that day were Goatzilla, Tetrament, and Tsubaki Blue, plus skate demos all afternoon.

L to R: Bojan (drums) , Taria, Maui, Wayne, Glen, Vince, Aleisha 📷 Caitlin Halsall

Our drummer Bojan’s wife Caitlin took these lovely photos of us, and ran an art tent as well! It was very windy, and my hat wouldn’t stay on my head. Eh, such is life. 

Keyboardists! Sam on the left and me 📷 Caitlin Halsall

We played a shorter than usual set – 45 minutes. We’re hoping to have a video clip soon, our lead backing vocalist Vince is looking at it. But the wind was loud! All the video on people’s phones had howling wind on them. Fingers crossed we have some audio to share soon. Vince do your magic 🙏.

Bojan (drums), Taria (bass) and Wayne (rhythm guitar) 📷 Caitlin Halsall

Thank you SCHEMA for a great arvo of music and community. 

L to R: Glen, and backing vocalists Vince and Aleisha 📷 Caitlin Halsall

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