SCHEMA’s co-founder Stoyan talks about arts in skate parks

Stoyan Stoyanov is one of the co-founders of SCHEMA Collective, a group of like-minded people who are passionate about promoting the arts and building strong communities. I first met Stoyan at SCHEMAfest2019 when I went to see jazz metal big band Valtozash. Today I ran into him because my band Roaring Lion was playing in the skate park event!

Stoyan Stoyanov, founder SCHEMA Collective

At Capalaba Skate Park in the greater Brisbane area, there were bands playing, skating demos, and artist Caitlin Halsall was running an art workshop for kids. Stoyan explained the thinking behind the skate park events:

This is our fifth such show. We want to bring the music out in the community and engage people in meaningful activities. In this case bringing music, art and skateboarding together, which is something we’re all passionate about.

We work with the Alcohol and Drug Foundation, whose aim is harm minimisation from substance use. ADF does not condemn substance use and they understand that people are going to be using substances but they want to increase the safe ways in which people do so, by increasing community support and also education. For SCHEMA it’s through meaningful relationships and meaningful activities so you get enough support and build strength in yourself, in order to deal with these activities.

So it’s a perfect opportunity for us to marry our passions with a positive message of mental health and environmental action, which is why we promote Kids’ Helpline and Sea Shepherd in our events as well. We try and engage the community as much as we possibly can so they can start getting involved in the things they find meaningful. 

The SCHEMA Collective has been an active event manager in Brisbane for several years. They are very inclusive and seek to provide a platform for good local bands who might not otherwise get a chance to perform at a festival. The Collective’s members are most likely to be musicians, artists, photographers and other creatives themselves. Stoyan is lead singer of metal band Adriatic, which is going on tour to North Queensland next week.

Great to see all this energy and love going into events like this! Go SCHEMA 👊 .

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