Bliss PUBG team to represent Oceania in PCS4

Bao Pham’s passion for several years has been to build up his TEAM BLISS esports team. I wrote a piece about him a few years ago in this interview.

Yesterday he announced that the Team Bliss PUBG team qualified for PCS4, an international tournament, which he described as being “at the pinnacle of the game’s esports scene.” He said 32 of the best teams in Oceania (AUS/NZ) competed in a qualifier to determine the top 2 to represent the Oceania region, and Team Bliss will be one of them.

Bliss PUBG will be representing Oceania alongside Fury in the international PCS4! It could not have been any closer as the fight for second played out the entire series but our boys were able to hold on and claim our spot in PCS4. We hope to do our region proud!!

Bao Pham, founder Team Bliss

Bao had a dream and has been working at it. How inspirational is it to see this all happening now!

📷 David Fischer, Que Film
Team Bliss HQ 📷 David Fischer, Que Film

We have been working diligently to find ways to impact our community and esports scene in a positive way, by shaping the way and providing support for future generations of gamers.

I can’t wait to share what we are working on. It will help gamers of every level, providing training and courses for kids, parents and teachers, to find a middle ground between life and gaming, and show the positive influence gaming can have! Over-gaming can be detrimental, and we hope to educate to help this, by exploring mental health and the psychological effects of gaming. I’m really, really excited to support and give back something to our wonderful community.

Bao Pham

More about Team Bliss and Bao Pham very soon. Stay tuned! ❤️

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