CONTINUE Short Film Initiative: AMERICAN DIABLO, shooting proof of concept in Miami

I am thrilled to have interviewed Juan Castaneda, writer/director and winner of the 2020 CONTINUE Short Film Initiative. Please read his interview with me for The Occasion. Now they are shooting the proof for concept, in Miami. Below is what Continuance Pictures said about this development, and their call for submissions for the 2021 Short Film Initiative. Do you have a film inside you?

We are pleased to announce “AMERICAN DIABLO” written by Juan Castaneda is the selected winner of 2020 CONTINUE Short Film Initiative.

We are entering production for POC shoot with Human Pictures in mid-April in Miami starring Jimmy-Jean Louise and Stephanie Nogueras.

We were struck by how much the story popped off the page, and found ourselves drawn in not only by the setting and tone, but by the character of Anita, the protagonist. This was a deaf character that, quite unusually, was given the space to be strong-willed, complex, and a leading character in her own right. Between the story itself, the new approach with the writing and the fresh exploration of characters so often sidelined, we were hooked – and we were certain that we’d never read a story like this before.

We were thrilled how many quality scripts and writers got involved in last year’s competition and we are looking forward to continually work with passionate and empowering story tellers out there.

We are therefore excited to announce the 2021 CONTINUE Short Film Initiative submission will open April 10th.

More information about the competition:

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