‘Changes’ a song by Ian Smeed

‘Changes’ is an original song written and performed by Ian Smeed, who is rhythm guitarist and one of the lead vocalists in our Cannon Creek Country Band here in Kooralbyn. ‘Changes’ is a song about our Covid times,

I asked actor Jake Doak (also a videographer) and sound engineer Michael Monaco if they could help us make an audio track and a video, and we all turned up at Michael’s studio Aldergrove Studios in Chapel Hill. Michael was sound engineer for the crime comedy short film ‘Jacks’ which has been very well received in film festivals here and internationally. Similarly Jake was one of the lead actors in ‘Jacks’. That’s how I met them.

L to R. Ian Smeed, Jake Doak and Michael Monaco at Aldergrove Studios

Ian is originally from a town called Tuakau in New Zealand. “It means to stand at the bank of a river,” he said.

Ian worked in the mines in Western Australia and spent some time in Cairns, before coming over permanently in 1989. Although he played cornet in primary school and saxophone in boarding school, he didn’t start performing in public until he was in his forties, on the Gold Coast.

“I joined a country music club on the Gold Coast and it all sort of started from there. The guys at the country music club got a band together and played around the Gold Coast. Later on I started getting a lot of solo work and have been playing ever since.”

Ian composes his own songs and has recorded several CDs. He’s had some of the lyrics in ‘Changes’ in his head for a while.

I had the chorus of it in my head for years, probably twenty years! But I never really finished the song. Then Covid came along, and writing about that seemed just right.

Ian Smeed
Ian Smeed

I love stories like Ian’s, where his musical life started in his forties! 💪Also had a bit of fun doing harmony and playing keys on his song. Thanks Ian!

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  1. This is the later years at their ‘Best’ it’s what good friends do , hang around and sing !
    Great story Joanna , great song Ian sung beautifully both of you , keep them coming 🎹🎼🎧🎸

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